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Learn to be an Aircraft Mechanic while working on the job. Apply for a scholarship and grant here.

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Join our Aircraft mechanic apprentice program we work with many schools like AIM Aviation Institute of Maintenance to help place their mechanics who graduate


You will learn how to work on Airframe and Powerplants when the program is completed you will get authorization to take the A&P test to get your Airframe and powerplant license. Allowing you to work on any USA registered aircraft. for our training, it takes 3 years. Schools like the National Aviation Academy can complete your training faster.

You will learn how to overhaul real working aircraft engines. and complete the whole process. working as an aircraft maintenance apprentice


The experience you receive here is more comprehensive than anything you will receive at an Aircraft mechanic school. They have 30 people in a class, our training is one on one. I attended Spartan College of Aeronautics I am proud of them and what they do. When you leave here you can claim 3 years of work experience, the Aeronauticlm colleges cannot do that.

Aircraft Maintenance work is hard and challenging. It is also fulfilling, there are many good people in this business,  Pilots are generally successful people who appreciate the work you do. It takes 3 years to complete our program and the cost is one time $3000.


We have Online training, we give you training assignments and lesson plans, to ensure your training is at the top level. I have many students from larger schools come to me for help obtaining the knowledge to pass the FAA Exam. I know A&P schools that brag of a 60% pass rate. I think that is an unacceptable rate, especially when these schools charge more than $30,000.00 

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