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Our priority is to ensure your flying safety     

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You will be glad we overhauled your aircraft engine, it will run better than ever before. Guaranteed!

necessary aircraft maintenance does not need to be a challenge for you, it can be an enjoyable learning experience. we encourage aircraft owners to participate.

Our aircraft engine overhauls last longer with corrosion-resistant coatings. Run smoother with Dynamically balanced engine and propeller. Run cleaner with modern sealant technology. Provide more power with tighter fitting rings and intake port polishing. Run cooler with ceramic cylinder coatings. 

Rober Vondersaar Owner A&E Aircraft Engines

My name is Robert Vondersaar, I have 43 years of accident-free maintenance experience and an NBAA 40 year safety award. The main goal of our activity is to provide you with a safe aircraft to fly. I understand how much your aircraft means to you, if you leave your plane with us, it will be in good hands.

If you are concerned about maintenance costs it only shows that you are the one who is responsible for them, I do not mark up parts prices they are all ready to high, but I will need you to pay for parts in advance or directly to the parts supplier.   I can work with you to keep your maintenance costs reasonably low. But we wont do anything that compromises safety. If you need an Aircraft engine overhaul, aircraft annual inspection, aircraft paint, prop strike inspection or ADSB installation. Give us a call to discuss your options. During the process of your engine overhaul or inspection, we take photos and post them to Lightroom an Adobe program and you will get a link so you can view the images of your engine and monitor the progress as we proceed. This is a link to one of our engine overhauls we completed so you can see what the Lightroom shows you during your engine rebuilding process Lightroom .  

When you come in for an Annual inspection all of your maintenance  due items, as well as any other items you want tracked are entered in our aircraft maintenance tracking software and can be updated by sending us your current tach time, and I will send you a maintenance status report, this software also predicts maintenance due by past usage, so if you forget to send tach times a few times it will still be tracking for you.

 If you have a question about anything involving the maintenance of aircraft or engines give me a call and we can discuss it. If I do not know the answer to your question I will find it for you. You can click the Email link below , I am always learning something new, That is one of the things that makes this industry so fascinating.

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Call anytime 512-308-7057

Bob Vondersaar

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