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Continental Engine Overhaul

Surpassed Your TBO? Get Your Continental Engine Overhaul Done

Restore your small aircraft engine to proper performance specs at A&E Aircraft Engines in Plano, TX. We have extensive experience working with both Continental and Lycoming engines and are available to keep your pleasure craft running safe. While your private plane may not fall under commercial FAA guidelines, you still owe it to yourself and your passengers to ensure that every aspect of the machine is ready to take to the air.


Small Planes Require Professional Attention


A Continental engine overhaul requires that every component be disassembled, inspected, cleaned, replaced as needed, and restored to function by a fully-trained professional. We use only the highest quality parts and lubricants recommended meeting manufacturer and FAA specifications. If you use your craft for local aerial application or custom delivery service, we will ensure that you comply with all state and federal regulations.


Tools and Training for Your Lycoming Engine Overhaul


Do you run a Thunderbolt engine in your experimental aircraft? Perhaps you invested in an iE2 motor to update your classic plane. At A&E Aircraft Engines, we maintain complete technical manuals and upgrade our tools, so we are able to properly complete your Lycoming engine overhaul with total confidence. We follow all MRB schedules and adhere to strict aviation guidelines.


Returning Your Plane to Service on Time


Since we are local, there is no need to send your small craft to the big city for a full overhaul. While our shop may be small, we offer a complete array of services from paint to annual inspections and standard maintenance checks. When you work with us, you maintain open communications with your technician so you know exactly where your plane is in the overhaul process. Would you like to talk pricing, availability, and timeline? Give us a call today.