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Aircraft Paint Company

Maintain Your Appearance with Affordable Aircraft Painting

Whether your small plane provides aerial applications or passenger service for VIP clients, its paint is an integral part of its safety and function while providing a canvas for your business brand. Not only does A&E Aircraft Engines provide a complete selection of engine repair and maintenance, we also are a qualified aircraft paint company.


Looking Sharp for Five to Ten Years


When was the last time your plane received a good polish and paint? As an affordable aircraft painting service, we can touch up or complete a full overhaul of your current paint job. The final product will be ready to catch every flash of sunlight for the next five to ten years with only periodic maintenance required. We use the highest quality paints recommended for the aviation industry.


Washing and Polishing to Extend the Life of Your Body


Are you logging more hours in the air? Taking the time to hire an aircraft paint company in the Plano, TX area means you could save on fuel costs. With regular washing and polishing, you are able to improve aerodynamics while keeping a close eye on any indications of corrosion. You will fly with added confidence while your passengers will learn to recognize the gleaming appearance of your plane.


Rebadging for the New Aviation Company


Did you just add a new craft to your fleet of ag applicators? A&E Aircraft Engines can help you apply your corporate brand to the tail of every craft in your hangar. Improve brand recognition and grow your business through the use of your own flying billboard.


Swing by our shop, give us a call, or drop an email to inquire about our paint process, pricing, and schedule availability. We also offer annual inspections, engine overhauls, and maintenance services.