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Aircraft Inspection Company

Keep Your Plane Flying with an Aircraft Inspection Company Near Me

Whether your personal craft is due for its annual inspection or your standard-of-care requires visits to the maintenance shed on a more regular basis, A&E Aircraft Engines located in Plano, TX is here to help you keep your business off the ground. We offer a complete line of aviation services from inspections, engine overhauls, painting, and repairs.


Cargo, AG Application and Charters Stay on Schedule


Skip the line at the major aviation hubs and let us provide the certified inspection process required by federal law. Our mechanics will complete a thorough inspection of your engine, all mechanical systems, and the exterior for defects and wear. Make sure that your small craft are ready to take off for their next charter on time when you hire an aircraft inspection company near me.


Pass Your Annual Inspection


Your private plane may not be required to adhere to the rigorous inspection schedule set out by major aviation companies, but it does still require a complete inspection every year in accordance with FAA regulations. Our aircraft inspection company specializes in the smaller planes often used by agricultural services, private cargo, and chartered passenger service.


Aircraft Inspection on Your Schedule


If you fly through any of the major hubs located in Texas, you may be tempted to use their hangar for your maintenance needs. Save time and stay on budget at our aircraft inspection company where we have the space and personnel to turn around your routine or annual inspection in short order. Located in your neighborhood, we work with our local pilots that simply love to fly and encourage you to learn more about every step of the inspection and maintenance process.


Focusing on Lycoming and Continental engines, we will have your small craft running smoother and cleaner for a more enjoyable flight. Call us today for pricing and scheduling.