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Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Complete Maintenance On Time with an Aircraft Engine Overhaul Company Near Me

No matter if your plane only takes you on private excursions around the state or you are completing routine cargo flights, you will need an aircraft engine overhaul company near me to keep you in the air. A&E Aircraft Engines provides expert services that focus on keeping your Lycoming or Continental engine in peak condition.


Protecting Your Passengers and Business


Whether you need just a top overhaul or a complete job, we will inspect and clean all parts of your piston-driven engine. Replace gaskets, clean the cylinders, balance the prop, and polish every available surface to ensure your engine will continue to perform safely for many more hours. A quality aircraft engine overhaul will have you back in the air and padding your bottom line on time.

Technicians Trained for Precision and Efficiency


We have over 40 years of accident-free maintenance under our belts and have earned multiple NBAA safety awards. We take the time to ensure every part of your overhaul meets or surpasses recommendations of your engine's MRB and able to meet approved CAMP programs. Should we discover an unexpected problem during the overhaul, we will address the situation before allowing you to take to the skies again.


Scheduling Service According to Your Bird's Engine Type


Not every engine has the same recommended aircraft engine overhaul schedule. We put our years of experience to work for you and will help you identify when it is really time for your craft to have an extended visit to our shop. If you are unsure of the proper MRB guidelines or FAA requirements, just give us a ring or drop us an email. We will review your craft's hours of operation, its engine specs, and terms of service to create a maintenance schedule that keeps you in the air and flying safe.